Bosmere Bin Bag Loader

Bosmere Bin Bag Loader

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The Bosmere Bin Bag Loader is the ideal solution for turning a normal bin bag into a rigid container. No more fighting with the bin bag. This bin bag loader ensures the bin bag stands up on its own allowing you to easily put your garden refuse, grass cuttings, leaves, etc. into the bin bag.  

Suitable for different sizes of bin bag, the Bosmere Bin Bag Loader is a sheet of strong plastic which you roll up and insert into the bin bag of your choice. Standing at 29” tall, the bin bag loader can be cut down if preferred to suit as required. Once the bag is full, simply grab the handles and remove from the bag.
Additional Information

Turns a normal bin bag into a rigid container
Stands on its own
Suitable for garden rubbish, leaves, grass cuttings and more
Easy to use
Height: 75cm (29")
Diameter: 50cm (20")


Customer Reviews

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David Sykes
Essential for filling garden bags

I can’t imagine filling garden bags without one of these. The bosmere bin bag loader is suitably stiff and flexible, I feel confident it will last quite a while

Mary Holterhoff
Useful product

This bin loader improves the performance of any bin loader. One roll can be cut horizontally to make 2 separate loaders if needed for less tall bags.