Bosmere Hand Leaf Grabs


When the leaves fall in autumn, it can be a nightmare to collect them. There's just not enough control when you use a spade, and the leaves fly everywhere. Picking them up with your hands takes too long and you can get very wet.

Bosmere's Hand Leaf Grabs makes clearing up autumn leaves a breeze. Each one has a handle which you can slide your hands into so you can easily hold the leaf grabs. This makes your hands a much bigger surface, so you can pick up more leaves in less time, and effortlessly move them into a wheelbarrow, compost bin, or shredder. They can also be used to collect grass cuttings.

Fallen leaves can cover your garden, blocking the sunlight, air, water and nutrients from reaching your lawns roots. This can cause many problems including slow growth, patchy grass, nutrient deficiencies, flooding, pests and even disease! This is why it is vital to remove them if you want a healthy garden.

Once you have removed the leaves or grass trimmings from your lawn, you can use the grass or shred the leaves to use as mulch for your plants, providing a slow release of nutrients whilst protecting them from disease and some pests. Alternatively, compost them for use as a nutrient rich soil amendment to keep you garden healthy, strong and fruitful!

Comes in a pack of 2

Additional Information

Pack of 2 hand leaf grabs
Ideal for collecting fallen autumn leaves and grass cuttings
Makes your hands bigger for easy removal
Protect your lawn from disease and keep it healthy


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Malcolm Sumpton
quick service, everyone should have these.

great leaf grabs, everyone should have.