Bosmere Sprinkler Bar


Bosmere's Sprinkler Bar is designed to make watering and applying liquid fertiliser or other chemicals easy. This watering can adaptor allows you to pour out the liquid in a more controlled way. The set comes with a number of attachments that let you change the width of the bar, with the sizes ranging from 10cm (4") to 50cm (20"). It also comes with a universal adaptor, meaning that the Sprinkler Bar can fit on the spout of any watering up to 30mm diameter.

Additional Information

Sprinkler attachment for watering cans
Allows the controlled release of water, liquid fertiliser and other chemicals
Can be used for anything from spot weeding to lawn feed
Set includes a range of width attachments and watering can spout adapter
Bar widths range from 10 - 50 cm
Colour: Red


Customer Reviews

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zbigneiw brozyna
very happy

very happy the spray head does job well

Gadget looks promising

Not used it yet as the weather soooo dry but looks ideal for covering a larger area each time. It fits my watering can which was a relief as often you buy gadgets and find not quite right! But this has a couple of options. Good idea and sure it will spread more economically than a rose on the watering can.


The adaptor that comes with it doesn't fit my water can, so personally it is a waste of money.. nice idea but now I have to find a creative way of using it..