Garland Easy Fill Bin Bag Loader

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Garland's Easy Fill Bin Bag Loader makes tidying up the garden a breeze. Insert the bag loader into a standard bin bag to turn it into a rigid container. The temporary bin will stand up and open by itself, taking the hassle out of clearing garden waste - especially when you need two hands. The durable and high quality polypropylene surface is made in the UK and prevents sharp cuttings and thorns from making holes in the bin liner. It is reusable and designed to last, so you'll never dread removing leaves, grass and cuttings again. Once you have finished with it, simply pull the bag loader out by the handles to remove it from the bin bag, and then it can be easily wiped clean.

Dimensions: H67 x Max Dia.50 cm (L26" x Dia.20")

Additional Information

Garland Bin Bag Loader
Turns an empty bin bag into a sturdy container for easy loading
Prevents sharp objects from tearing the bag
Durable and reusable
Made in the UK
Dimensions: H67 x Dia.50 cm


Customer Reviews

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Rupert Willard
Extremely useful

My local authority garden waste bags are very flimsy. This tool makes filling them a breeze and it’s true it does not tear the bag. I had to flatten mine out for a few hours because it is tightly coiled for shipping. After that it was ready to go. I also use a plastic clamp to keep things held together for extra security as it were but you could use it without that.