Garland Large Self Watering Plant Tray

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Garland's Large Self Watering Plant Tray is great for growing potted plants and seed starting. This mini capillary table features a base reservoir tray that can hold up to 8L of water, and a stilted inner support platform covered in capillary matting. Thanks to this, it can keep your plants watered for up to 14 days. Water from the reservoir is absorbed by the capillary matting, and the compost draw it up to your plants through the holes in the bottom of the pot or tray. This also means that overwatering will not be a problem, since water is only absorbed as needed, so it is an ideal watering system for when you go away on holiday. Its size makes it particularly good for use in greenhouses.

The base tray and inner support platform are made from recycled plastic - polypropylene and polystyrene respectively.

Dimensions: L57 x W38.5 x H5 cm (L22.5" x W15.25" x H2")

Additional Information

Garland Self Watering Plant Tray
Perfect for starting seeds and growing potted plants inside
Keeps plants watered for up to 14 days
Ideal size for greenhouses
Capillary matting draws water from the reservoir
Plants absorb water as needed through holes in the base of the pot or propagator
Reservoir has a capacity of 8L
Check reservoir every 7-10 days to ensure a constant supply of water
Made from recycled plastic
Dimensions: L57 x W38.5 x H5 cm


Customer Reviews

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Tony Galvin
Good stuff

Great bit of kit

Karyn Beaton
great self watering plant tray

Perfect size for quite a few small plant pots. Worked well and kept my seedlings watered whilst I went away on holiday. Sturdy and well made.

Alison Brown
Works very well,

Have been using one of these for years and wanted to expand. Best price available