Haxnicks Deep Rootrainers for Seeds
Haxnicks Deep Rootrainers
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Haxnicks Deep Rootrainers

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The Haxnicks Deep Rootrainers are the ideal choice for propagation! They are suitable for sowing and growing most trees, shrubs, fruits, vegetables and plants - especially ones with fast growing, deep roots. The deep cells promote the growth of strong, long, straight roots, giving your plants a great head start. This helps to avoid the development of root balls, which means that your plants' root system can cover the maximum amount of space and absorb the most amount of nutrition, giving you greater yields every time!

The Rootrainers can be opened up like a book, allowing you to check on the progress of the roots and the moisture levels of the soil, and also allows for easy removal of the seedlings once they are ready for transplanting.

Each pack contains: 1 holding tray, 8 books (32 cells) and a clear propagating lid.

Product Size: L36cm x W22cm x D9cm. Cell depth: 12cm.

Additional Information

Unique propagating tray for seeds, plugs and cuttings
Reusable - can last for years
Especially good for bedding plants, salads, herbs, dahlias, geraniums, pansies, lobelia, antirrhinum and tomatoes
Cells open like a book for easy transplanting without root disturbance
Grooves direct roots straight and downwards
No potting on required
Pack contains: Holding tray, propagating lid and 8 books (32 cells)
Product Size: L36cm x W:22cm x D:9cm. Cell depth: 12cm


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