Haxnicks Maxi Rootrainers

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Haxnicks' Maxi Rootrainers are perfect for propagating plants that will live in dry or harsh places, and for larger plants, particularly shrubs, hedges, broadleaved trees and prize winning plants. The Maxi Rootrainers are the largest in the Haxnicks range.

The Rootrainers feature grooved sides, which encourage the roots to grow straight down towards the drainage hole at the bottom of the cell. Once the root reaches this point, it is air pruned and the end of the root stops growing. This air pruning encourages more vigorous side shoots to develop towards the top of the cell. Roots that grow in this manner are stronger and are able to take up more nutrients, allowing the same amount of growth in a smaller amount of soil. It also prevents the roots from becoming tangled, meaning that the plugs can be transplanted without needing to tease out the roots. This helps avoid damaging the roots and transplant shock which can severely stunt your plant's overall growth and health.

The Maxi Rootrainers feature 10 books of 4 cells. Each book can be easily opened, allowing you to check on the development of the roots, and allowing easy access to the plug when it is time to transplant.

Please Note: Propagating lids are not available for the Maxi Rootrainer

Product Dimensions - L44.5 x W27.5 x D13 cm

Individual Cell Dimensions: L5 x W4.5 x D20 cm

Additional Information

Haxnicks Maxi Rootrainers
Large propagator, ideal for large plants and plants destined for harsh or arid areas
Roots are encouraged to grow long and straight, with planty of side shoots
Helps plants take up nutrients more effectively
Helps prevent root knot balls
Helps prevent root shock when transplanting
40 cells/tray
Cell Depth 20cm
Volume 350cc


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