Haxnicks Micromesh Pest & Wind Barrier (Pack of 2)

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The Haxnicks Micromesh Pest and Wind Barrier is perfect for protecting your plants from damage while still allowing you easy access to them. Its ultra-fine 0.6mm mesh is the finest gauge mesh available. It creates a barrier around your plants to shelter them from frosts and wind, and to keep animals such as cats and low-flying insects such as carrot flies, flee beetles and aphids out. This can help to prevent disease, which means your plants will have a longer life and you will see higher yields. This high quality Micromesh lets in sunshine, water and air, and has a slight green tint to it which not only provides some shade, but also helps to retain moisture around your plants. The barrier also features bamboo supports and can be moved around to fit your space, whether you are protecting plants in a raised bed, the ground or pots.

Dimensions: L400 x H70 cm

Additional Information

Haxnicks Micromesh Pest and Wind Barrier
Protecting plants from damage while still allowing easy access
Ultra-fine 0.6mm mesh provides a barrier to shelter from frosts & wind
Keeps out animals & low-flying insects to help prevent disease
Does not block sunshine, water or air
Dimensions: L400 x H70 cm


Customer Reviews

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Allan Watson
Should do the business

Bought through New Gardener, but there was a manufacturing fault in the first one that arrived making it unsuitable to deter carrot fly, which is why I bought it, but contacted New Gardener and a no hassle replacement arrived today and all seems fine and already in place around my carrots.

Jacqui Griffiths
Great piece of kit

Good strong mesh, great barrier to deter birds & insects from eating gooseberry leaves & slugs & birds from eating strawberries

Stephen Rogers
Haxnicks micromesh

Purchased this product from another supplier last year I had tremendous carrots