Smart Garden Compost Tumbler

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Smart Garden's Compost Tumbler makes composting quicker and easier. This durable polypropylene tumbler can hold around 17 gallons and removes the weekly need to fork over a compost bed. Its space efficient off-the-floor design helps to reduce pests and vermin that would normally be attracted to a compost bin or heap. The Compost Tumbler can reduce the time it takes to create fresh compost as it allows for effective aeration its contents.

Dimensions: L54 x W28 x H72 cm

Additional Information

Smart Garden Compost Tumbler
Can reduce the time to produce compost
Removes requirement to fork over compost heap
Efficient aeration of plant matter
Approx 17 gallon capacity
Less likely to attract rats and other pests
Dimensions: L54 x W28 x H72 cm


Customer Reviews

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If you are a keen gardener and have limited ability, this composter is fantastic! Just fill it and spin it! That simple! Win for your fruit and veg leftovers, cardboard and any other compostable bits and a win for your garden!


Putting it together required some initiative on my part. The construction diagram is too limited - for example, to correctly fit the sides of the drum needed some fairly strong hits with a hammer, and the two ends of the spindle were slightly out of line and needed some work with a file to widen the screw hole in the end plug. I've only had it a week, so I have no idea yet how effective it will be at making compost.

Jess d
Compact and sturdy

Easy to assemble and a great composter for a single person with a little garden